Demonstrating Prowl from the Terminal

After installing the Prowlbox in your store, you can easily see what your customers are listening to, in real time. We are using Citus so we can give you a database designed for multi-tenancy. This data gives you a wide range of actionable insights. For example, a sales associate at a fashion outlet might suggest certain clothing based on what a customer is listening to. You can even run a simple terminal command "prowl" and it will run in the background for you as long as you'd like, or you can make Prowl a Cron (a scheduled task).

Using the Prowl API

You can currently use the Prowl API if you have one of our boxes, it does require the JSON libraries, but to implement our analytic technology into other ventures, it's fairly simple to run our API, we will provide you sample code below on how to implement the Prowl API. One of the issues we are having at Prowl is parsing information even if the RSS does not update, we are trying to fix this where Prowl only parses data when RSS gets updated, not just parsing acting like a Cron job (repeatedly making RSS calls) when infact, the RSS has not been updated at all. This is wasting bandwidth, resources, and time. I'm currently working on a fix as we speak. In the example below we are using Ruby to ping our API.

require 'rubygems'
require 'httparty'
require 'graphql'
require 'rack'
require 'cocaine'
require 'spork'
require 'solr'
require ''
require 'prowl'
require 'sylvia'
require 'jake'
require 'route53', '~> 0.3.2'

class Prowl
    include HTTParty
    base_uri ""

    def posts

    prowl_resty =
    puts prowl_resty.posts

    @api private
    ensure Prowl

Infinite storage of analytics

Go back as far as you want, we log everything and make sure it's safe and maintained. Using Amazon S3 with Route 53, you can be assured you have infinite storage and a sense of safety of your analytics, CSV files, and more.

The benefits

Explore the music being played by your patrons in your cafe, bar, restaurant, or really any other place of business you can think of from anywhere using our technology in real time. There's various ways our box captures this data, point of purchase, Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled mobile devices, guest Wi-Fi connected devices, third-party API applications, weather systems and more.

Our technology uses existing infrastructure (such as routers, or any WLAN infrastructure from major providers) to make installation and activation a quick and easy, plug-and-play experience. The Prowlbox is easy to use and cost efficient.

This comprehensive and highly versatile platform easily integrates with a number of store data sources that will impact shopping behavior. It gives retailers the ability to identify opportunities for growth, execute change, and measure success.

Why Prowl?

Prowl is built on hardware and software to give anyone in the world who owns a business the best music analytical data possible. Prowl currently is only B2B.

For stores using Prowl, understanding music analytics data is easy. The Prowl dashboard can answer the simple question of what music a business should be playing in order to create an optimal mood for purchase. Prowl's integration framework helps you correlate music choices with sales and other key metrics.

Prowl embraces transparency. With both commercial and non-commercial use, music data helps users build connections. You can discover what other people are listening to right around you, or if you're curious what people are listening to in a cafe in Italy while you're at Dolores Park in San Francisco, you can find out, and hey, listen with them.

How it works for the merchant

Install the box in your place of business

Get real time analytics

Know what to play at your store

Are you a business and want a Prowlbox?

If you're a business, contact us for a Prowlbox today!

The process

The merchant connects the Prowlbox to their AP to unbox data

The merchant then collects data from the Prowlbox

The merchant then can view the data from the Prowl graphical user interface for insights