Have Peace Of Mind For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day

All you need is a laptop or phone + router to have some of the best WiFi security and analytical data around

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Securing your WiFi network

We use something called a "code jail" which in laymen's terms, is just a garbage truck taking all possible attacks you're getting on your WiFi network and then dumping them into a Docker container

Know who's exactly in your store

With our "Prowlbox" we know exactly who's in your store, so if an attack does happen, our software remembers them and instantly blacklists them from connecting to your business WiFi network

Not only security, but also a CRM

Our technology uses existing infrastructure (such as routers, or any type of wireless internet infrastructure from major providers) to make installation and activation a quick and easy, a definite plug-and-play experience. Change security settings from the luxury of your phone with our app if you don't have a laptop handy. This is a comprehensive and highly versatile platform that easily integrates with a number of store data sources that will impact shopping behavior, and ensure WiFi security

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What Kind of benefits?

Once you install a Prowlbox at your venue

automatic wifi Protection

With Prowl we are adding a layer of security to your router that is unmatched, no really, it's unmatched

analytics on Patrons

As mentioned earlier, know your returning customers, but also know your devious customers

seo consulting

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Music analytics in the mix

Plug and play analytical powerhouse. See what your customers are listening to on their phones in real time

lifetime Warranty

The Prowlbox comes with a lifetime warranty, and if you're interested in getting one, just press the button at the bottom that says "Contact"

our expertise

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What people have been saying
My customers security is my primary concern when they are on my public WiFi connection. Prowl does it's job, and does it well.
John Smith
Coffee Shop in San Francisco
What people have been saying
I was lucky enough to try this product early, and I highly recommend it to anyone who desires strong security.
John Smith
Thomas Fox
What people have been saying
Connected the box to my router and invited over a bunch of my hacker friends, they couldn't access my router, it was fun to watch them struggle.
Ralph Watt
Ralph Watt